Rosenblum Institute Opens In Netherlands


Today the Rosenblum Institute begins a partnership with the Dutch Media Academy in Hilversum, Netherlands.

The Rosenblum Institute is a partnership between Rosenblum Associates and Concentra, one of the largest media companies in Belgium. Four years ago, we began professional VJ training for European journalists.

The Dutch Media Academy is one of the largest media training centers in Europe, with many media partners from RTL to major newspapers across much of Europe. But now that the VJ is rapidly becoming a dominant force, so too is the need for professional training.

Ernest Bujok, Managing Director, Concentra

The Institute’s main headquarters remains in Brussels, but now we are opening a second branch in Hilversum, The Netherland’s premier media and television city. (Hilversum is also the home of Endemol, our new friend and neighbor, and also the folks who bring you shows like Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Kid Nation and Extreme Makeover – you see how pervasive Dutch TV is? I bet you had no idea).

We have high hopes for Capetown in the very near future and are in talks with Dubai as well. More to come….


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