More Photos from Brussels






photos courtesy Leif Heidman / Sweden


2 responses to “More Photos from Brussels

  1. As we all suspected, the DNA2008, a large congregation of BS artists worldwide, luckily there were only 300 that showed up so there’s still hope for this industry. But it gets even better, go to
    and look at the DNAvideospots, leading is our own Micheal with his self promoting videos, followed by other self promoting videos. Just like we all thought, the event was a brainstorm on how they can extract more money out of inexperienced idiot by making them believe that they might have a future in television. What have we seen out of the conference? What was the big outcome of DNA2008, their web site doesn’t have anything at all, no wrap-up, no results, they all just went home and that was it. However we all know that Michael and his European counterpart are planning to make more money by creating more unemployed VJ, this time around the world as he got booted out of the US, I’m proud of you Americans.

    We haven’t heard much about the Concentra award either, after all the fanfare that Michael has been doing for month, well, I went looking for it:
    and this is the best that European VJ has to offer, I can just imagine what ther rest are like. I would like to re-use the word “pathetic” but it would be a compliment.

  2. Why is Mike Sechrist still listed as the GM at WKRN on that web site?

    Last I heard.

    He wasn’t.

    How many other titles of those participants are misleading or just plain wrong?

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