We Open in Chicago

The Travel Channel Academy starts in Chicago today.

40 new Travel Channel Journalists met this morning at the Downtown Sheraton to start their intensive 4-day bootcamp. Travel Channel VP Sue Norton was here to meet them, and explain how the unique relationship will work.

In the meantime, we are busy finishing up What’s Your Trip, the broadcast show that is made up of the content the grads produce.







4 responses to “We Open in Chicago

  1. if any one of your students there is looking for a story, go visit ‘the mayor’ of hyde park. he’s actually a shoemaker (yes, in this throw away society in which we live there are still a few practicing the craft).

    he’s one of those characters that can tell you about the last 50 years in detail and probably has newspaper clippings to back up his stories.

    his quaint shop is located just off the university of chicago campus… if in doubt, just ask someone.

  2. Thanks man,
    I will pass this on to the group.
    I appreciate it. Its my first time in Chicago.

  3. i’ll have to check it out, i grew up in hyde park.. thanks!

  4. Just got back from the Chicago Academy…It was well worth the money , and very much lived up to it’s name “Bootcamp”.They should change it to , just Bootcamp.It was fun , exciting , informative and with a great over view.

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