Do The Right Thing

Don’t point that cell phone at me!

The New York Times is carrying a story today that Nokia and filmmaker Spike Lee have signed a deal to create content out of ‘User Generated Content” made on Nokia phones.

Nokia reports that by 2012, one out of four people will CREATE and share video content.

Let’s say that one again: By 2012 (which is only 4 years away), one out of four people will CREATE video content and share it.

That’s a staggering number.

Phone manufacturers such as Nokia are now positioning themselves to leverage off this considerable revolution in usage. Once phones were used for talking. In the very near future, they’ll be used for content creation. Smart phone companies want to be there.

Smart TV and cable companies might also want to be there.

They are already in the business of creating content, but on a very tiny scale (at least compared with 90 million Americans making videos and sharing them).  They deal with a handful of production companies.  But there are literally millions of creators who are poised and ready to go.  What they need is a leader – someone to create the model for them to follow.

Nokia is taking a stab at it.

Others, surely will follow.

But this is going to require a radical rethinking of just what business cable companies are in.  They are used to commissioning shows, running ads and taking the difference as profit.  Passive watching. But we are leaving the passive world for the world of online networks and communities.  Cable companies can position themselves to be the focal point of online video contact and sharing.

They can start, as The Travel Channel has started, with the Travel Channel Academy, by priming the pump, training people who want to do this, and binding young creators (and there are millions of them) to the Channel before anyone else gets to them.  But this is just a start.  Next comes a platform where their material is shared and exchanged easily.

Will cable channels be able to adapt?

One never knows. American industrial history is littered with the corpses of those industries that failed to adapt to new technologies.

One can only hope that existing networks will Do The Right Thing.


3 responses to “Do The Right Thing

  1. With the recent announcement by VASST at NAB that they are about to release AVCUpshift, a product for the Windows platform to convert AVCHD files at up to 60mbpsstandard m2t file format for editing footage in any NLE, the sales of flash based cameras is going to take off. Using something like the new 3 chip Panasonic AG-HSC1U Handheld 3-CCD Camcorder which comes in at a paltry 1.1 pounds, and you have the makings for something more than just a cel phone camera for creating UGC.

    This year looks to be the year for indie content to be created and produced for online viewing.

    And something more than the pablum that is created on YouTube.

  2. Who at the current networks…for instance… are incharge of the future? Names?

    Is there only focus…. network programming?

    Is there relationship with Hollywood…their only focus?

    For news…. is the current model the only model they will consider?

    Who are the forward thinkers at big media? I for one, would be interested in reading about them and their thoughts.

    If there is anyone.

    With any thoughts. ?


  3. I misspelled “their.”

    Strange. I did it twice.

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