Dog & The Drug Hunter

The Travel Channel Academy gives everyone a great opportunity to take a crack at the TV world.

One of our recent grads has really taken his TCA experience to heart.

A few posts ago, I wrote about Jay Russell, a former South Carolina State Trooper who had gone into business for himself as a private ‘Drug Hunter’. He and his dog work for major corporations and others. They’ll scour work sites and even universities in search of illicit narcotics.

He’s to drugs what Magnum PI was to crime.

We met Jay at one of the NY Travel Channel Academies.

He thought he might like to make a TV series.

So did we.

So we gave him so advice and told him if he could deliver, we would be happy to work with him,

He went back to South Carolina with his video camera and back to work with his KTF (Canine Task Force) dogs. And now, boy has he delivered.

Jay has put his newfound video skills to work, and now we’re busy pitching his show to the networks.

We think there’s a hit here.

We’re all behind it.

Not bad for a recent TCA grad!


18 responses to “Dog & The Drug Hunter

  1. Very macho, very cable tv.

  2. Please tell me its a joke… please

  3. Stephen, you gotta pay more attention to what’s on tv these days.

  4. I think I would actually watch this programme for the hell of it.

    The narrator sounds a bit like Forest Gump. Which is good.

    I used to like Lassie. This is Lassie on steroids.

  5. it sounds like a good idea – but buying the dog/training/feeding/vet bills etc all add up.

    in the end it’s cheaper to just buy the drugs.

  6. funny story:

    I was out riding in the backcountry with my two dogs, both had their Rescue vests on. The dogs take off and run up to a group of deadhead types on a side trail.

    “Don’t worry” I shout “they are trained search dogs, they’ll just check you out and move one”

    Big guy with dreadlocks looks up at me nervously:

    “what will they do if they find something?”


    All joking aside – for that guy to make that video with only a few hours experience is very impressive – speaks very highly of both his natural talent and the quality of the training/trainers.

  7. Here is a clue… if someone is standing in a shot and its moving, then they generally didn’t shoot it.

  8. 2 points for you.
    He and his cousin and a professional crew for $20,000. No, wait, forget the professional crew and the $20,000. Just him and his cousin.

  9. On what planet would that cost $20,000?
    $2000 maybe, less than the cost of your course and it would look a hell of a lot better than that.

  10. Did you just quote me $2000 to deliver a complete produce, shoot, script and edit a 2-3 minute promo? All in, gear rental, edit, your time, travel – the whole thing? Cause if you did, we can do business.

  11. For the low quality level of his so called production, which no one in their right mind would ever pay for in the first place, $2,000 is easily the final price tag.

    Possibly less if you factor in the hillbilly rate.

  12. hoo boy
    you have NO idea who you are messing with.
    be glad you are using a psuedonym!

  13. It was just a preview copy for script approval so the sound wasn’t mixed and there were a few cut ins missing… and the aspect ratio is wrong…
    But it was a half day shoot and a two hour edit.

  14. All that story was missing was banjo music.

  15. go jay go! the song is great with the footage…. hope it gets picked up!

  16. Rosemblum.: “you have no idea who you are messing with….”

    Lay off the red meat Michael!

  17. Rachel Alquist

    Having been through the challenge that is the TCA, I thought that the promo was very impressive! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Congrats Jay!

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