JK Rowling and TV

And something for the weekend:


13 responses to “JK Rowling and TV

  1. Thanks for the pep talk Michael – great way to end the week.

  2. Buy a light or at the very least learn not to shoot someone in front of a bright window. I am so impressed with your camera work. It’s a fine example of how well you know how to do your job.

  3. Yes. And what did you think of the story, or did’t you follow?

  4. $ – I thought that too, then I saw the little rabbit waving and the whole thing made sense.

  5. It was so poorly shot that it made it difficult to listen to whatever was being said. The poor shooting distracted from the message.

    See, in visual communications, when one uses a camera as part of the message delivery process, the visuals should add to the audio. Not detract.

    But you, with all your years of experience would know that. I’m sure Fred Friendly might even have mentioned something about how this is supposed to be tv, not radio. Or in your case, youtube, not an audio podcast.

  6. not sure I agree with everything you say $, but you have a wicked fine sense of humor

  7. Good job on your message. Just getting out and doing it can pay off, worrying about how it is shot is an obvious response to stale jealous minds searching for the opportunity to reveal that they do believe in time alone and self gratification in petting zoos. Call me for new joke material!!!!

  8. “wicked fine sense of humor”

    that’ll come in handy… on his resume.

  9. So the bad camera work doesn’t matter?

    I guess J.K. Rowling didn’t need to worry about grammar or punctuation? I guess her formal, years long university training as an English teacher, had nothing to do with her fine creative writing abilities.

    I look at that example of work, produced by a man who claims to know so much and wanting people to pay him to learn what he knows.

    Then I laugh.

    It’s like seeing a house, poorly built, that is falling down, then paying the contractor who built it to make one for you to live in.

    By the way, the J.K. Rowling story related in that poorly shot video is full of false information about her and how she wrote the book.

  10. Is this bloke on drugs?

    Look in your dictionary under Oxygen-Thief, should see his picture there.

  11. From his Contact Info:
    Michael@Rosenblumtv.com Note: I am more than happy to discuss my ideas, concepts and projects. However, personal attacks will be removed.

    That last line is hilarious. He can’t stand on his own two feet on other boards and he can’t here either. What the hell:

    I agree with $, though I won’t be as eloquent.

    …you hack…

  12. what in the hell are you talking about? And why don’t y0u even have the courage to give contact information. Typical.

  13. …why don’t y0u even have the courage to give contact information. Typical.

    Typical troll mentality on the web Michael. Don’t expect anything more from the detractors – I know I haven’t.

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