Newark Star Ledger TV – Day 1

The job of a newspaper reporter is to go out into the community, gather stories and put them in people’s homes. They used to work only in text and stills. Now we add video.

Today, we start our first day of our first VJ bootcamp at the Newark Star Ledger, the 15th biggest newspaper in the US.

Anyone can learn to make video. But here at the Star Ledger we’re dealing with journalists with years of reporting and storytelling experience. This isn’t about making Hilton hotel videos about how fluffy the towels are. Pretty much any idiot can do that. This is real news and journalism. Newark is a gritty town – a reporter’s dream. And for years, the Star Ledger has been the number one paper in the State. Pretty soon it’s gonna be the number one TV network as well. Without conventional ‘crews’. (But then again, why would you?)


4 responses to “Newark Star Ledger TV – Day 1

  1. The number one tv network?


    More empty claims of future success that will never come true.

    I guess we can add this paper to your list right under KRON and WKRN, just to name a few.

    They became number one too didn’t they?

    Nope. Not even close.

  2. Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not?
    -George Bernard Shaw

    Never work. Forget it. Where’s my weekly paycheck

  3. Where’s my weekly paycheck


  4. or, as jfk once said: “there are three kinds of people in this world…”

    $ just hapens to be the third kind.

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