More From The Star Ledger


5 responses to “More From The Star Ledger

  1. Pimm looks really happy in all of these shots.

  2. have to agree with “tester” on that one.

    each of these new vj’s look like they’ve just been pulled their first video assignment; live proctology exam.

  3. One of the things the real pros do is caption the pictures. Who is in these? What are they doing?
    When was it taken. And why?

    This is disgracefully inept journalism.

  4. Gee Tony
    I took the photos.
    Its the Star Ledger bootcamp.
    If you couldn’t figure that one out, you are not reading too carefully here.
    I think ‘disgracefully inept’ is a bit harsh, personally. It’s my blog, it’s not The New York Times.
    But thanks for your comments anyway.

  5. The pictures are better without captions. Do you watch a lot of TV with subtitles Tony?

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