We Report…You Decide

Across the blogosphere, many ‘professional’ journalists decry the VJ movement and Citizen Journalism because it is going to ‘debase’ the ‘quality’ of ‘professional’ newsgathering. (so many quotation marks this morning!)

Here then, a fantastic example of the professionalism we are about to wreck. (And while you’re at it, check out the great camera work)

Courtesy:  Our local Fox news station

with a tip o’ the hat to Robert Stevenson


5 responses to “We Report…You Decide

  1. Thanks for the shout, very cool blog – will add to blogroll; don’t mean to spam, but you might like this as well: http://robertstevenson.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/democracy-is-in-danger-media-to-blame/

  2. If a picture speaks a thousand words, this piece speaks volumes.

  3. Come On…That’s a several year old pissing match between two has beens. That’s been all over medialine, lostremote and AM Radio.

    That clip itself was uploaded more than a year ago and I think you can find older uploaded clips of the same.

    If that’s the timeliness of VJ Citizen Journalism then dang, just dang! 😉

  4. Doesn’t matter when it was posted Chris – the point is, these are suppose to be professional journalists in a major metro market – a reporter and camera person who are suppose to be the example of the profession since they are being paid to report the news – yet the quality speaks for itself.

    If this is the standard by which the new paradigm of journalism is to be measured, well as I stated previously:

    If a picture speaks a thousand words, this piece speaks volumes.

  5. I by no means disagree with you. This is an embarrassing 2 minutes of broadcast news and a shame for sure.

    BUT, it’s 2 minutes and in the scope of what TV news does every days it’s not that big a deal, probably .0002% of all TV news over the course of any given period of time.

    I’m sure we could find many more examples of TV News hairdo’s going gonzo on live TV.

    That’s the difference between Live and Not Live…When it’s live and you screw up it’s out there forever. When it’s taped and you screw up, most of the time it’s erased and forgotten. (I personally save the good taped bloopers 🙂 )

    You Said;”
    If this is the standard by which the new paradigm of journalism is to be measured…”

    It’s Not.

    Here’s a good place to Start:

    Icy Surprise


    Semi Accident

    Mountain Fall

    Only that last one’s mine and I started rolling tape at 3pm and it aired at 5pm. (just sayin’)

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