It really IS the end of the world….

And the winner is…….

“Are we living in the last century of our civilization? Is it possible that all of our technology, knowledge and wealth cannot save us from ourselves? Could our society actually be heading towards collapse?

-From the press release for ABC News Earth 2100

Well, this looks like pretty dramatic stuff.

And important.

The collapse of civilization – now that’s a very very big story.

So it was with a certain degree of respect that I read that ABC News was actually gearing up to tackle some very fundamental questions facing the world – pollution, global warming, overpoplation, depletion of natural resources.

That respect was short-lived.

How are they going to deal with this looming crisis?

Well, first they’re going to interview some of the top scientists in the world

This September, in Earth 2100, a dramatic ABC News 2-hour broadcast, the greatest minds across the globe will join together in a countdown to the year 2100 to tell us what we must do to survive the next century … And what may happen if we don’t.

The greatest minds across the globe… so far, so good…

And then… guess what?

In an unprecedented Internet event, ABC is inviting people from around the world to bring the future to life.

Unprecedented Internet event! (we need something interactive here, people)…ABC News is inviting ‘you, the public’ to ‘join in’.

And how exactly are you being invited to ‘join in’ in this ‘unprecedented’ way?

ABC News has created something called (and I am not making this up), Earth 2100: THE GAME

That’s right. Let me repeat that again, because I don’t want you to miss this:

ABC News has responded to the global crisis by creating something called Earth 2100: The Game

And they’re inviting you to ‘play along’ by creating your own home videos of what you think the end of the world is going to look like, and send ’em in!

(Me, I’m going to set my kitchen on fire to imitate global warming)

I think it really is the end of the world. But ABC News is, unfortunately, not alone.

In this month’s issue of Departures, the glossy American Express magazine, there is a full page black and white photo of Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau (grandchildren of the famous Jacques Cousteau, underwater explorer). Says grandson Philippe, (and this is a direct quote):

Philippe Cousteau Jr., 28, chief ocean correspondent for Animal Planet, is the vision behind OCEAN, a BBC-Discovery series that will investigate the condition of major bodies of water. “You have to get the message out in a fun, sexy way”, he says, “it can’t be all doom and gloom”.

The article goes on to tell us that:

Philippe wears a Calvin Klein Collection neoprene mesh suit ($1,495) and shoes ($375), dior Homme shirt ($470), and Kobold Large Soarway Diver watch ($3,650)>

Death of the oceans? Well, that sounds fun and sexy… kind of….

And as for clothing, if I recall correctly, grandpa Jacques used to wear a weatherbeaten red and white striped t-shirt ($4) and an old beret ($2.95). But then again, it wasn’t the end of the world…..


32 responses to “It really IS the end of the world….

  1. It’s a shame that a serious topic like this has been reduced to a fashion statement – a good friend of mine is friends with Jean Michel Cousteau’s children Celine and Fabien Cousteau – both are as concerned about the ocean environment as their father is and grandfather was and from what I’ve seen, have maintained the high standards of importance for the topics they feel strongly about.

    Both have joined their father Jean-Michel on expeditions through Ocean Futures Society which have been broadcast on PBS and are in many ways modern versions of Jacques expeditions.

    Seems as though the other members of the family have turned what should be a serious topic into another commercialized media circus event.

  2. speaking with Bones and Scotty – we all feel that the in light of the recent problems with the space toilet the Klingons circling Uranus may be a bigger threat in the short term.

  3. Peter…
    now THAT was funny!

  4. They should just run some CHicken little videos. That would do it.


  5. Does anyone really believe that even with the “greatest minds across the globe” and a stunning even stupendous media campaign we could alter what some see as the grim future?

    “They” (some of those best minds) say that there has been 4 or 5 major, life ending events in the history of this planet; stuff like- pole shift, celestial body impact, ice age(s), dramatic weather pattern change and so on.

    Even if man had the ability to affect the necessary change I doubt we could muster the collective will to implement and do what we would have to do.

    My religion says mankind is in for some troubled times ahead but if we are prepared we should not fear.

    Secular religion says man in his own wisdom can alter these coming events.

    Based on the earth’s history, how are you placing your bets?

    In the mean time; Get right with God and roll tape!

    -“it’s the end of the world as we know it- it’s the end of the world as we know it- and I feel fine”.


  6. Michael,

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for the promos. Perhaps some clever seller at ABC TV can get a signature sponsorship from the National Association of Funeral Directors. The apt tag line being “Our day begins when your day ends.”

  7. nice website,,,but you need a little bit more information:(

  8. hello just looking this website

  9. I guess it’s easy to look at it as a negative aspect because of the prices of the articles of clothing he is wearing.

    However, it is also just as easy to see the negative aspects of the Jean-Michel family… the things I have read myself and heard of aren’t necessarily pretty (this is mainly directed to “Cliff Etzel”).

    It is the power of being biased.

    I guess my point is, there are always going to be two sides of the story in any situation.

    The truth of the matter, in the eyes of people who have been trying to make a difference with the ocean, is that you really can’t make it “doom and gloom”. Or else you’re going to get MORE doom and gloom. So ocean conservation is slowly turning to something that talks about how if we take care of our oceans, in a positive way, we take care of ourselves. The expensive articles of clothing really have nothing to do with it.

    Plus, magazines tend to have the responsibility to describe what the subject in the photo is wearing due to sponsorships – which is the more likely reason why Mr. Cousteau is wearing such articles. It is an American Express magazine, and they tend to need sponsors for their publications.

    In any case, thank you for posting what you post! It is very interesting to read and I see potential :o)

  10. Sorry that is a 🙂 not a gaping mouth, lol.

    I hope the comment serves as a viewpoint to see from the other side. It helps to have some kind of compassion when you work with the public.

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  12. Imm’a ready for whatever God’s got. Ma religion is Roman Catholic and I believe in God.

  13. Ohh, and I forgot to say; actually, you peeps so damn need to calm down. I ain’t scared of anythin’. I’m 14 and hell yeah! My name is Jason.

    If you guys want to say anythin’. Jus’ hit me up!

  14. they found water on the moon maybe we will live on the moon befor this say maybe but iam sure that noway i mean what will happen the world will end …….? and there will be no life how… they say the end will be in 2015 ok np let them say and u say enything because i think that not true i hope that because iam thirteen and i didnt enjoy with life

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  16. end of the world this is some thing that seems to get kick around a lot now days. Its been the end of the world from the day eve and adam got kick out of the garden. we spend years and years making the garden ever where. to make our selfes feel better but also some how to say to God we miss home too. have some faith the end is only the start of things be nice to each other and may be it well help

  17. I think that noone can know about space science very well . I think that in space existing power`s that human cant knew ,and you can never know about galaxtics secrets ;] . P.s its not interesting to learn things that everybody know , i love too know more about cosmos , stars , planets and t.t but it is impossible in my country . So see ya people when the end will come 😉 Lithuania peace rA*

  18. Sorry folks. We don’t have much time left – 6 months is it. Our planet earth is about to crash like a plane! May God have mercy on you as you watch

  19. I can’t believe it. Its beautiful and I will get ready for the worst. Still God will never do this to us. You are lying to us to scare us. Stop it here and don’t bother telling anyone lies. you’ll end up dead by yourself. Liar!

  20. I can’t believe it. Its beautiful and I will get ready for the worst. Still God will never do this to us. You are lying to us to scare us. Stop it here and don’t bother telling anyone lies, you’ll end up dead by yourself. Liar!

  21. You are a ugly liar and don’t bother telling anyone lies. You’ll end dead by yourself…
    I’m sorry but I believe that God will never do this to us. Liar!

  22. i know you ar elying because god would never do that to us and little kids big kids even middle age dont get to give their dreams a try!So who would make a big fat lie!……. 😦 :p

  23. one word ……………………………………………………………………..LIAR!!

  24. Nobody knows when the world is going to end. Only god knows when the world is going to end. So watch like jesus said cause the day of the lord will come like a theif in the night.

  25. I can’t wait for god’s retirn to earth. Finally we will live in a better world than this.

  26. you guys who says its gonna end y you jerks

  27. please post it into face book if every one knows this we can save our world ,living creaturesmade by god , please respond to save our beautiful planet

  28. oh no will pray of our world

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