Here’s One For The Little Guys

Hey, isn’t that Matt Roloff on the right?

I am getting married in a month.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Rosenblum is pictured above, on my right.

(The 6’6″ guy in the picture, you will notice, has no one on their right. So yes, the other one is me).

The soon to be Mrs. Rosenblum is Lisa Lambden. Tall, blonde, former BBC on-air talent, former BBC executive, former director of the BBC’s national VJ project and former model.

She is British.

I am an American.

She traces her family from the British royal family as far back as 1215.

I can trace my family as far back as 2:35….pm

She is also 6 feet tall.

I am 5’6″ (on a very good day, with the wind behind me and standing up very straight indeed).

As a 6 foot tall former model, strangely, most of her friends are also 6 foot tall models or former models. (note the photo above. That was taken at the ASPCA fundraising dinner last month).

All of which makes me feel as though I am living in an episode of Little People. Big World, As one of the little people.

It doesn’t bother me. (too much). I am used to it. I have been the shortest person in the class or the room all my life.

But like many short men, I have learned to overcome the handicap.

We are getting married August 2nd, in Italy.

After that, we are honeymooning on the Isle of Elba.

You know.

Where Napoleon was exiled.


14 responses to “Here’s One For The Little Guys

  1. Wow! Michael, you are one lucky man. Lisa is such an intelligent and attractive woman. She must see something in you that we don’t. Just kidding. You two are a great pair and I wish you the best.

  2. Congratulations.
    Nice photograph.
    Quality aesthetics have value.
    In the media and in real life.

  3. Michael – I wish both of you all the best and from the sounds of it – you both are like minded in many ways


  4. Wishing you the very best with Mrs. R 2.0.

  5. That IS impressive…

  6. Congratulations from the Sandlands!

  7. Michael,

    My sense is you are fortunate enough to marry “up”. All the very best to you both.


  9. As another short man, I’m glad to see that you also don’t suffer from fear of heights.


  10. You need a photographer? I can hardly remember the last wedding I shot….I think it may of been in Canada…maybe.

    Anyway, good luck to Lisa – she’ll need it!

    xoxoxo, PF

  11. Ha ha

    You remember the last one!
    You shot beautiful beautiful shots of the wedding and all around it before and after. You made heartbreakingly lovely prints with that guy in SF. We presented them to my then mother-in-law whose comment was “they’re in black and white”! and “where are the pictures of the tables?”

    You get what you pay for this life.


  12. Congrats, Michael! At 5’5″ I know exactly how you feel. Oddly, getting hitched was the catalyst for me starting my blog on clothing/style tips for short men. You’re looking pretty dapper in that tux, but if you’re looking for a new suit or tie… 😉

  13. Hi Lisa big congratulations you look so happy –
    sure New York bagels beat Cafe Nero Newcastle anyday me duck !
    rob x

  14. Mazeltov and congratulations from Ian and Lou m’duck of Cairo (soon to be Delhi). You both look very happy and that’s more than enough to ask for.

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