From The Mailbag

Ryan Van Duzer – Travel Channel Academy alum at work

Today we are in San Antonio, Texas (home of the Alamo), where we are starting our first Texas based Travel Channel Academy.  

Ironically, I also received an email this morning from Ryan Van Duzer, an alum of one of the very first Academies.  He’s doing pretty well

 Hi Michael, 
> Just wanted to say thank you for calling me last summer from London and 
> encouraging me to do the Academy. As you know, I was on the fence, but your 
> call made all the difference. I clearly remember you saying, “If you want 
> to get into this business, come to this academy now.” 
> Well, I’m just now completing my first big commission project with TC, 10 
> destination guide videos in a few western cities. 
> It was just one year ago and now I’m living the dream. 
> Thank you…and Lisa too. Have a great time at your wedding, your ‘short 
> man’ blog post was hilarious by the way. 
> Ryan 

> — 
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One response to “From The Mailbag

  1. This isn’t exactly videojournalism-related, but restaurant coverage is travel-related; there’s a very colorful and unique Mexican restaurant in the Mercado near the Alamo; it might make a good subject for a story.

    The food’s excellent, too.

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