Ledger Live – Starts Monday

Beyond empowering the photogs and reporters at The Star Ledger with video cameras so that they can embed their videos on the website, we are also going to do a daily ‘live from the newsroom’ report.

The newsroom seems the logical place to report from.

The web seems the logical place to do it.

Video seems the logical medium.

This is not a ‘show’ with hair and teeth anchors.

These are real Jersey reporters doing real reporting.

Take a sneak preview behind the scenes:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1119618&dest=-1]

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1117107&dest=-1]


23 responses to “Ledger Live – Starts Monday

  1. really like the delivery. so much better than I have seen before

  2. Nice job. Need a Florida correspondent?

  3. Does Bumper know how perfect his name is for a video graphics guy?

  4. psst!


  5. thanks for the heads up. see my response. Not the same since Safran left.

  6. Rosenblum does the Limbaugh Limbo (how low can you go)? I don’t think so!

    Neither did they – so they removed yr comment


  7. Hey Michael I saw in the behind the scenes they were putting up lights but looking at the report are they not working properly yet?
    Make sure they are right on day one… Pump up the backlight and maybe put some daylight bulbs at a few desks behind him to get a bit of color separation… at the moment he blends into the background.

    Good luck 🙂

  8. Thanks Stephen,
    I really appreciate it.
    I am sure we will make our share of mistakes in the beginning but hopefully over time we will work them out. Your insights always welcome.

  9. Peter-
    Yeah, I am sure I over-reacted. Probably not the best thing to do, but these projects are like my children and I don’t like people whacking them. Besides, I looked at that guy’s own website and his comment on boring was just laughable after that.

  10. don’t let ’em get under your skin, rosenblum.

    you’ll need some sort of topical cream to kill off the infection.

  11. I could make some biting negative comments.

    Instead, I’ll make an effort to be positive for those journalists who are desperate to have jobs in the future.

    The host was good for the situation he is in.

    Like pg mentioned, fix the lights. The shot, with different temperature lights, gives people a sick color to their skin.

    The stories were ok for beginners.

    I thought the slide show was an example of an old newspaper photog type stuck in the world of stills.

    But he is trying.

    The college stadium tour, again, someone early in their efforts but I liked seeing what I call a real news story as part of the lineup.

    Lots more to nit pick if I want to be negative but, instead, I’ll end with this one thought.

    The title is Ledger Live.

    Is it really live or on tape?

    To call it live, if it’s not, could be a problem no matter how cute some might think the “live” name is.

  12. Appreciate the comments. We are at the very beginning of an experiment and there will be many changes to come. And yes, it is really live. Otherwise we would not call it that.

  13. $ with constructive criticism?

    boy, i need a drink!

  14. Live?

    Twenty four hours a day?

    Just asking!

  15. It is live at noon.
    That is a good place to start.
    Once we have put the gear in place, obviously we can go live any time we want. so keep watching. Lets see where we can take this and what it becomes.

  16. I watched the demo and the behind-the-scenes clips. They left me wondering who the audience for this is supposed to be. In the demo the reporter began by reiterating a story that the paper had already published. Why? The following story about the balloon ride failed to keep my interest. The introduction didn’t do anything to sell the story to me. I didn’t see what the point was and the presentation — visually or verbally — wasn’t strong enough to make me willing to wait to find out.

    This could get viewership if it gives people an advanced look at stories that will be published in the next day’s paper — with enough details so that it doesn’t just look like a commercial or a TV news promo — or if it offers compelling content unavailable in the paper or elsewhere on the site. But balloon rides aren’t going to bring me back for more.

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  21. dear mr rosenblum’ someone had told me of your gig, i own and operate a longline swordfish/tuna vessal ,would video of this be of interest to you / call john 954-594-4932 or email

  22. where does leger live at

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