It Isn’t News To Me

Francisco  is one of my favorite VJs.

Uniquely talented as shooter, editor, writer and producer, he almost defines the term.

I met him entirely by accident. I was producing the first season of 5Takes and we have about a week to find and assemble the team. I took an ad on Craigslist looking for people who could shoot and cut and started interviewing them in my apartment, and this guy walks in with a reel that could just blow you away. I hired him on the spot. He went on to shoot all four seasons, including EPing the last one, as well as shooting and editing at the same time. (That’s how we work, the EP also shoots and edits. What is the point in being there if you aren’t going to do something productive?)

He never wanted to go into news. Instead, he wanted to make movies. But on his own.

Last year he was a runner-up in Spielberg’s TV show Back Lot. Their loss, IMHO.

Now, he’s made another film (I think its his third).

Here’s the trailer. Like I said, It isn’t news…… but it sure is interesting what one person can do with a small camera and a laptop if they’ve got a vision… whatever that vision is….


One response to “It Isn’t News To Me

  1. this vidio is no longer available. Where can I see it?
    thak you

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