Al Jazeera and the VJs

bisme allahi al rahman al rahim…

We first met the folks from Al Jazeera at the DNA2008 conference in Brussels.

In fact, their Tony Birtley won the prize for best breaking VJ story for his coverage of the Burma democracy riots.

Sue Phillips, who we have known for years, (most recently as the head of Newsworld) is now moving to Doha to head up their English news channel. And now, Nina Sang, who started as a VJ for Current TV, then moved on to working as a VJ trainer for us is now also in Doha, where she writes she is setting up their online video programming.

They are going to build a global VJ-driven corps of journalists and are asking for submissions.

I think this is a great opportunity for VJs to find yet another paying source.

Here’s the info she has forwarded to us:

Call out for video submission at Al Jazeera International Television

Al Jazeera International’s New Media department is expanding its freelance Video-Journalist network around the world.

We are looking for professional VJs who can generate breaking news stories and short video reports out of their region.

Deadline for CV and video submissions is August, 18th, 2008. Video web-link applications are also accepted.

For submissions or FTP upload details please contact:


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