Postcard From Rio

If you were born 500 years ago…..can you hear me in the back?

We are in lovely Rio de Janiero.

I came down here to be the keynote speaker at MediaOn, a Latin American conference on online digital journalism, and of course, the ‘video revolution’.

The conference actually starts tomorrow evening in Sao Paolo, but Itau Cultural, the sponsor of the event, upon reading in the blogs (see the value of blogging?) that Lisa and I had just gotten married, flew us down a few days early and put us up here on the Copacabana beach. Nice. Thanks Itau Cultural!

We had actually sent the group to Rio a few years ago when we produced 5Takes Latin America, but we had not gone along.

Watching the show was nice, but somehow television does not convey the full sense of being on the beach in Rio.

Watching all the lithe bodies on the beach, I can only think, ‘gee, if they only had video cameras and a bit of training, what great journalism they could produce’. And at only 3,400 Reals for a 4-day course, what a deal!

more to follow.


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