Travel Channel Goes to School

This week, we are down at the Travel Channel in Chevy Chase running a Travel Channel Academy, except we are running it for The Travel Channel.

Travel Channel President and CEO Pat Younge has decreed that every employee of the Travel Channel, all 250 of them, will be required to take the Academy course in digital video production.

It’s a good idea.

When you walk into a newspaper like The New York Times, you can pretty much assume that everyone who works there, from publisher to secretary is print literate. They know how to read and write. Otherwise, how could they publish a paper?

Now, when you walk into The Travel Channel (or at least when we are done) you can now know that every single person, from the Executive Producers to the receptionist (she’s in this group) are all video literate. Every one of them can shoot, cut, script and upload a piece.

We think its a great idea.

Every broadcaster should do this.

Travel Channel CEO Pat Younge speaks……

and the staff listens


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