America Loves A Good Story

So cute…. later, it will eat you.

I am watching the Today Show this morning from the Embassy Suites (don’t ask) in Chevy Chase, Md.

The economy would seem to be melting down and Wall Street is dissolving, but on the Today Show, we are treated to a heartwarming story of the Safari Zoological Park in Kansas.

They are showing 3 tiger cubs ‘raised’ by a “miracle” dog.

It makes a great story.

But if you listen carefully, (and kudos to Matt Lauer who sort of slips in the uncomfortable facts), the ‘miracle’ dog did not really ‘rescue’ the tiger cubs.  The cubs were kind of put in a box with the dog. And the dog does not nurse the cubs. (“We botttle feed ’em, Matt”).  And the real ‘miracle’ here is that the Safari Zoological Park was seemingly going bankrupt until the Today Show ‘rescued’ them with a spot.  (“God saved us on August 1st when we were on your show”.)


Americans love a good story.

There is a wonderful book all about America’s love affair with a good story, (often in the face of more uncomfortable facts), called An Empire of  Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood by Neil Gabler.

Hollywood, Gabler points out, was invented pretty much by 5 Jews who came from a 60 mile radius around the Polish town of Pinsk.  Louis B Mayer, Jack Warner, Harry Cohn, Adolf Zuckor and William Fox (as in 20th Century Fox, Louis Mayer as in Metro Goldwin Mayer; Jack Warner as in Warner Brothers.

These guys came to American with no idea whatsoever of what the real America was, but they had a dream of what American could be ‘streets paved with gold. Small towns. White picket fences. Mickey Rooney.

They went on to put that dream on the silver screen, with little regard to what was going on in the real America.

Americans bought it.

It became their collective history. The thing they remembered about their own past – even if it bore little or no relationship to reality. It did not matter.

When Ronald Reagan spoke of that ‘shining city on a hill’ he was not talking about a real past. He was referring to the Adolf Zuckor vision that we all shared.  Perfect.

The reality of a Safari Park in Kansas (what the hell is that about to start with?) going broke and calling a PR agent to get their story on the Today Show (of how they jammed a few tiger cubs into a box with a dog…heartwarimg) is not the story America wants to hear. It wants to hear a MIRACLE.

Miracle dog.

All this brings us to the collapsing economy and Mrs. Palin.

The Miracle Story we can all relate to.  Soccer mom who becomes President and saves the country.

Great movie.


Like the POW story.


America loves a great story.

What America does not deal real well with, apparently, is reality.

At least, so far.

The collapse of the Economy is far from heartwarming.

So let’s go with the baby tigers and the ‘miracle’ dog…..and the miracle soccer mom.


7 responses to “America Loves A Good Story

  1. That pitbull with lipstick has had her 15 minutes of fame – the bubble has burst and from the looks of things currentlu – the Repubs are seeing their numbers dwindle quickly.

    Me personally – I’d rather be told the truth , even if it’s not what I want to hear – something the Dems are making a concerted effort at – unlike the the spin doctoring Repugs who are using FUD to try to divide and conquer – at any cost.

    Kind of reminds me of the solovj detractors 😉

  2. Make that Governor becomes President, not mother.

    Hillary is a mother as well. And Bill was a Governor.

    Sure, she isn’t internationally nor nationally in the good ole boys network. And that is why she is popular. Because the majority of Americans are normal, small business folks. Not elite community activists who look down at them as clinging to guns and religion.

    I am going hunting soon. And church sooner.

    We can differ on religion, politics, and Palin. I was surprised by her choice as well. It’s either genius or stupid. Not sure yet.

    But you can look at the coin from two sides. Both coins.

  3. I love it!

    The Lib’s are seeding the bed and making excuses for the ugly loss their messiah is about to suffer.

    America does like a good story and thank goodness most Americans can see through Mr. Obama’s flim-flam pitch.

    It amuses me- now that the mystique has worn off, the group fainting has ceased and the rascal is being revealed for the empty suit he is, all the left can do is nash teeth and try and besmirch a woman they should hold up as an example of what a woman can achieve.

    Meanwhile, as the economy is in the throws of utter failure the Democrats throw up their hands and adjourn Congress to go on fall break.

    “Turn out the lights and lock up; we don’t know what the hell to do. Hey! can we blame this mess on Palin?”

  4. Actually, I’ll be in New York from November 4th – and I sure hope to get stories a little more heartwarming out of the presidential election, than a pittbull with lipsticks.. 😉 We will be shooting ‘guy on the street’ interviews in Manhattan, getting some motions, point of views and personal thoughts on the outcome. You know – Europe loves a good story as well.

  5. I’ll just say this: It comes down to this. Do we want a bigger government and tax higher. Or do we want a smaller government and one that does not “control” the economy.

    Right now, the U.S. government “owns” the U.S. and it shouldn’t be that way. The government must not be too large that it controls us.

    So do you want a larger government, or smaller? More expensive government, or cheaper?

    Bottom line is: Most Americans like to live within their means. And not get in debt more than they can pay off. The government isn’t doing that.

    So do you want a bigger government or smaller?

  6. The problem is (I made a slight omission in logic)

    The problem is: When we charge things, like homes, we obviously cannot pay them off, unless we sell them to someone else. This all depends on jobs.

    So jobs are important. As long as we are working, we can support the continuation of buying on credit, buying homes, and building equity and income.

    It is all based on value, and ability to work at a job that supports that value.

    Hire me as President. Ha.

  7. Hey, how dare you burst my bubble…I’d prefer to think the miracle dog saved the fluffy tiger cubs. Oooh, fluffy.

    And surely you have to believe deep down we can save the economy with a teleprompter, a little lipstick and some war stories, right? Maybe Sarah would’ve put Lehman and Bear Stearns up on EBay. That woman knows what she’s doing.

    Looking forward to attending the Academy someday soon. We could use it!

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