Everybody’s Doing It

The $14 Million VJ

There seems to be little question now that the “Revolution” is getting past its Revolutionary phase.

Katie Couric, anchor for The CBS Evening News was photographed in the CBS newsroom using a small, hand held video camera.

We haven’t seen any of her work, but we can sure suggest a great 4-day course where she could learn to shoot and cut.

We just kicked off another one here in DC, at the home of the Travel Channel.  40 new TJs, or Travel Channel Journalists are just heading out for their first day’s shooting.


2 responses to “Everybody’s Doing It

  1. If you had seen the video Michael you will see it was a very minor part of the story… a cheap and badly done gimmick that didn’t really work… wow she really nailed the whole VJ experience! 😉

  2. I would suggest maybe she was just viewing something someone else shot.

    But considering what PG said…maybe not.

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