I Do C-Span (tune in!)

Brian Lamb and Me

Today I was on C-Span.

Well, actually, the Senate hearings were on C-Span.

I was taped on C-Span, for Brian Lamb’s weekly show, Q&A.

Q&A airs every Sunday night at 8PM.

I’ll let you know the air date as soon as I know.

It was a one-on-one for an hour, no commercials, and it was both grueling and enormously stimulating at the same time.  Brian Lamb is one hell of an interviewer.  Lots of questions that made me think. And it’s all live to tape, so no breaks and no retakes and no editing.

I am honored that I was asked to be on the show!

Other guests have included, Roger Ailes, George W. Bush, Mark Cuban, Mike Huckabee, Thomas Sowell, Bill Kristol… Not bad company.


3 responses to “I Do C-Span (tune in!)

  1. Any update on the air date yet?

  2. Not yet.
    they apparently tape way in advance, but as soon as they tell me, I will post it.

  3. Sunday at 8. Don’t ask how I found that out.

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