Star Ledger Lives!

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The Star Ledger, New Jersey’s biggest newspaper seemed, for a while, to be in trouble.

All newspapers are in trouble today, but parent Conde Nast was threatening to sell the paper unless the unions took a number of concessions and some staffers took buy-outs.

It’s ugly, but The Star Ledger is hardly alone. The NY Times just laid off 100 journalists from its newsroom- the first time in it’s 150 year history.

Now, it seems that The Star Ledger is going to survive.

Meanwhile, Ledger Live, our online daily video webcast is looking better and better.


One response to “Star Ledger Lives!

  1. Rosenblum: “Now it seems the Star Ledger is going to survive”

    I actually read the article and, from what I read, your claims of the paper going to survive is akin to someone happy that grandma is going to “survive” because she’s on a heart lung machine in a coma.

    A little bit too optimistic if one really looks at the facts.

    Maybe what would be more valid is a claim that they haven’t died just yet but the prognosis is not good for the log term.

    Just like grandma.

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