What You Don’t Get To See

As I have often mentioned, we spend our time split between Europe and the US.

As a result, we get the interesting insight of seeing the same event as viewed by two totally different media machines.

While we in the US like to believe we have a free press, the spectrum of opinion and stories covered are often far from what we are able to see in Europe.

This morning, I am embedding a clip from AlJazeera TV News.  You cannot see it in the US because no cable operator in this country will carry AlJazeera.  Why, I am not sure, as they do a pretty good job.  They are, I think, in all honesty, far more objective in many ways than Fox News, and they certainly cover far more international news than do most US networks.

In any event, here’s a look.


5 responses to “What You Don’t Get To See

  1. yep – I think here in the US we get scared easily – when freedom meets fear – fear wins.

  2. yep – I think here in the US we get scared easily – when freedom meets fear – fear wins.

    Sad commentary – never the less – true.

    The pathetic part is the MSNM in this country actually feeds that fear out of ratings by using selective disclosure. I lost all respect for the MSNM and consider Faux News to be the WORST offender. Not that any of the other American MSNM outlets are any better though.

    Thank God for RSS feeds and other news outlets like BBC.

    No wonder the rest of the world looks at this country and laughs. I would (and do) as well.

  3. but we recover fast –

    we are by nature a bold and generous culture.

  4. Thats why I dont need Al Jezeera.

    Where was the counterpont about Obama’s hate mongers?

    Its just one more news outlet with their own version of snake oil.


  5. Isn’t the term “International News” dependent on where you are and what you are watching?

    Wouldn’t ALL news from the US be considered “International News” to companies based outside the US?

    That being said, I have quite a few friends who work for Al Jazeera and I too wonder why we can’t see them here in the US.

    You’re right Mr. Rosenblum.

    We should be able to see Al Jazeera here in the US because they do have a good product.

    The folks I know who work for Al Jazeera are not VJs. They are regular cameramen, reporters, producers and editors, all doing their jobs the same as they did before while working for traditional American networks.

    Seeing some claim bias only with FOX but being blind to bias at other networks such as NBC/MSNBC make me wonder why the split accusations?

    Part of the problem are people thinking everything on a cable channel is news and being unable to determine the difference between opinion/talk shows and regular news broadcasts carried on the network.

    But this is leading nowhere since VJ work is not a major part of any of the coverage on any of the networks being discussed.

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