Brussels – March 4-5th, 2009


Come on in…

We are here in the Rosenblum Institute in Brussels to firm up the agenda for DNA2009.

We have moved the conference to the Plaza Hotel in downtown Brussels, which has a nice, old world feel to it.  Lots of marble, heavy red velvet, gold leaf and royal crests.  It’s a nice contrast to a conference devoted to the impact of the digital revolution and media

We’re spending our days narrowing down the list of speakers and the topics we want to cover.

There are lot of them, all interesting.

The problem is we only have two days for the conference.  Also, European and American perspectives are a bit different.  We’re trying to create a mix of US, UK and European interests. We’re also trying to bring in two enormous new growth areas in India and China.

We are still early enough in the process to extend invitations and craft topics.

So if you’ve got an idea for a topic, or a speaker you think would really advance the conversation (or a piece of technology that the world has got to see), let us know.

We’re targeting for 600 attendees this year, as well as awarding our €10,000 Euro prize for best VJ piece for the year.

The door is open. (And we’re still accepting admissions for the prize).


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