From The Guardian

Speaking yesterday at the Society of Editors Conference in Bristol, England, I was interviewed by Jemima Kiss, their digital correspondent. Using a $129 ‘flip’ camera, she shot and uploaded it almost immediately. Sure beats the time and expense of using a ‘crew’.

The Guardian has been one of the more aggressive newspapers in moving into the online/video world, and doing it rather better than most.  In past posts, I have extolled online video from our old pal Gary Younge

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see what makes The Guardian so good.

Among a sea of typical conference speakers, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger stood out far ahead of the crowd.  Razor smart, funny, self-deprecating yet clever, you can see immediately that he is the kind of newspaper guy who ‘gets it’.

We’ll see if this turns into anything more than an interesting day.


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