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November 16, 2008
Michael Rosenblum
CEO, Rosenblum Associates

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Watch Sunday, November 16, 2008, on C-SPAN at 8pm/11pm ET

Info: Our guest is Michael Rosenblum of Rosenblum Associates. Mr. Rosenblum believes that television is at a crossroads and that the dominance of the major television networks is dying. Through his company, he teaches journalists to shoot, edit, write, and produce their own content with the use of small digital cameras and laptop editing. . He runs a boot camp for journalists to teach them how to do this. Mr. Rosenblum has worked with the BBC, KGTV, KRON, the Discovery Channel and other outlets to bring about his goal of “democratization” of television. He also designed Al Gore’s Current TV.


12 responses to “Tune Into C-Span Sunday Night 8PM, 11PM

  1. And if you believe His bio, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you

  2. Dear Michael,
    Incredibly interesting invitation to expand our creativity. I look forward to sharing my “creations.”
    Very encouraging
    Thank you
    Michael Timothy McAlevey

  3. May I fawn over your participation in
    C-SPAN’s Q & A program on Sunday evening–I was enthralled. You’re such an engaging, and delightful conversationalist. Splendid, informative, exciting and so fluent! I loved and the handiwork of your story telling, the history and humor, the art and pace of your speaking, your vibrant eloquence. Thank you so much for an enlightening evening, positively fascinating on so many levels. You are a remarkable man.

  4. Michael,
    I’m a 69 year old progressive video blogger with over a million views of my videos Youtube/Googole Video.
    My youtube channel.
    Do you have any suggestions or does the work look OK to you?

  5. I cannot believe I caught the CSPAN show entirely by accident! I met you years ago and I have been a proponent of video journalism for a long time–actually both photojournalism and video journalism. I practice both mostly as a hobby and sit behind a desk during the day managing a sleepy little college cable station .

    Now ,I am really excited! It was inspiring to see you and hear you talk, you seem more into the VJ possibilities than ever. I think the times and state of technology are also in our favor. My colleague Brian Hemstreet took one of your bootcamps but I do not think I can afford it — not this year. anyway I will have to continue learn the hard way.
    Cheers and great job! Roger.

  6. I am quite impressed with your appearance on CSPAN.
    Two questions: With a multi-layered and broad ‘citizen journalist’ approach as you are advocating, how much emphasis do you put on quality and how are you teaching that? I suppose the query is more like how do you balance good journalism against good effect but avoid the Gotcha!?
    Secondly, do you feel like there are concerns about potential libel/slander suits with this approach and how do you insulate yourself from that?
    Again, enjoyed the program and your thoughts.

  7. Wow, Michael Rosenblum, just listened for the second time your Q&A with Brian on C-Span. Totally agree with you that TV news is terrible as is, and terrible for people’s minds, largely because of the pearls and the lighting, the complete and utter lack of reality – and this after the advent of “reality” tee vee. Mostly what people want is a tee vee that vents; hosts that explode, yelling screaming, partisanship. They want sex and violence. (I, too, watched that agriculture channel early mornings from a home on Long Island). But I suppose there’s enough room (at the economical price of citizens with video cams) to open up the news feed.

    I also agree with your notion of a Michaelangelo soon coming to a screen near you. I do think that the distribution model inherent in the “citizen journalist” will probably destroy commercial tee vee as we know it; commercial television will fight tooth and nail to stay in the public eye, but like national newspapers, their audience will erode. In the democratization of tee vee journalism, we will know, as you suggest, everything about everything; and in that shift, we’ll need analysts – probably talking heads – to make sense of it all. As an artist (see my web page), I work page by page, control my content and my format. Question is doesn’t it all come down to tee vee going viral, like some YouTube video that gets seen over and over again? And in that process, will a citizen journalist tee vee video set the agenda? Unlikely, as agendas will be spread out like a fatty pâté across the globe. Over the net. The future, as always, looks different from here in the past.


    Matthew Rose / Paris, France

  8. Mr. Rosenblum:
    Thanks a lot for keeping me up past bedtime Sunday night. It was worth it though. It had to be one of the best C-Span interviews I have seen in a while.

  9. Mr Rosenblum: I greatly enjoyed your interview/discussion on C-Span last night. I would love to learn how to be a citizen journalist. I feel that the pioneer valley (western MA) is ripe for this style of reporting, what with the 5 colleges here, industry in Holyoke and Springfield…lots of old politics, old religion, mixed with new ideas…

  10. Michael – watched the video on C-SPAN’s website – excellent interview and in once again reaffirms what you have been saying in our private correspondence – thanks for another cheerleading session online 🙂

  11. The citizen journalist is another example of the broader 2.0 concept. In Nebraska, our state library agency is trying to tempt librarians to experiment with 2.0 with L2NE. Since libraries are interested in the availability, distribution, and validity of content, I’ll be alerting L2NE participants to your efforts.

    What about archiving & getting access to the accumulated stories done by all these citizen journalists. By all means, dig out your old photo sets & get them accessible somewhere.

  12. how can I get a tape of Michael Rosenblum
    on C Span….I saw it Sunday night, but I must have a copy of this interview, to introduce my son to M.R.

    or, if it will be repeated, PLEASE TELL ME WHEN.


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