Flipped Out

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Jemima Kiss from The Guardian.

She did the interview using a Mino Flip Cam.

She propped it up on a pile of plates and let loose.  Then she plugged it into her laptop, and in a few minutes, my interview was on the Guardian’s website.

Now that was impressive.

The video then went viral, and that was even more impressive.

So I went and ordered a flipcam from Amazon.

It was $179.99 plus tax and shipping last week. Now I see it’s down to $159.00


And it works great. So simple.

OK. No one is going to argue that this is broadcast quality… yet.

But they are coming out with an HD model very soon.

What I have been using it for the most is Vmail.

You record your message, you plug it into the laptop and its got an ’email this video’ function.

Very cool.

And so simple.

The only problem with it is you can’t flip the screen so you can see the framing. But you can’t have everything.



8 responses to “Flipped Out

  1. The Flip Mino HD is already out and is reviewed by David Pogue on the New York Times website today.

  2. here’s the article. That was a funny conincidence
    and isn’t it a bitch with new tech. As soon as you buy something, the next gen is out…


  3. They need to make one that you don’t need a laptop (ie built in wifi) so you film and then press ‘send’. A matter of time I guess.

  4. I’ve been testing out the Flip Ultra in trips to the Republic of Georgia and for the US elections a couple of weeks ago. It’s effective and simple, good in bad light, with a great condensor.

    I wasn’t the only one either, in the press area the Obama event in Chicago I spotted at least 10 hacks using Flip Ultras or Flip Minos.

    You can see the results of some of my videos from Obama rallies and from Chicago at:


  5. My favourite gadget currently.

    I agree with Paul. Just wait until the Flip merges with something like the iPhone. What an awesome story sharing tool we will have.

    In the meantime now the BBC has surrendered the idea of Local TV to them perhaps our UK newspaper groups could buy a batch for the public to make ultra local broadband sites a reality.

  6. last week i mentioned on another blog that all mall santas had better learn what the heck a ‘flip’ is… and quick.

    youtube streamed something last night and i noticed virgin and flip were both “sponsors” of the event.

    i did hear from my son that you might have done well getting the ‘original’ instead of the hd model. why? well, i didn’t really catch that part, but i think the flip came up in conversation because i’m basically the mall santa in our family.

  7. This years stocking stuffer. Last year was nanos, this year Minos.

  8. Koday Zi6 is another ‘pocket cam’ that may work well too. HD and more memory availability. Macro option. Sound seems to be better. A little mirror can let you frame whilst recording. Michael would be great if your team could do a comparison of the Mino HD and the Zi6 for all us punters. Cheers.

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