News from Newark

A shy New Jersey chiaropractor suffers a stroke on a golf course, and his life is suddenly transformed. He can’t stop making art.

We were out in Newark this week at a mass meeting to talk about new directions for the paper. As the largest newspaper in New Jersey, and as New Jersey is the only state in the US without a major network TV news operation, we think the potenial here is limitless.

Contrary to popular rumor, the paper is not going out of business. It has shed a great deal of its costs however, and is now lean and mean and ready to embrace a new digital and video future.

The promo above is but a tease for a video/print special release this weekend.

This isn’t dodgy hand-held video. And it’s great reporting as well.

We think it’s a preview, not just for the weekend, but for the future of online journalism as well.. and newspapers.


4 responses to “News from Newark

  1. “This isn’t dodgy hand-held video. And it’s great reporting as well.”

    So not VJ then 🙂

  2. Ahhh.. but it is VJ.
    Andre Malok from the Newark Star Ledger.
    Graduate of our training.
    Shot with a Sony A1U
    never touched a camera or an edit before the course.
    Annoying.. no?

  3. Now Now Stephen – must you always be so negative??? 😉

  4. Annoying no.
    Because if I want my prejudices reaffirmed I just have to visit the Ledger and click any link. 🙂

    So. Looking forward to something good… and it must be for all the promo it’s getting.

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