The Prize


We’re giving it away…

Six years ago, I met Philip Hilven for a drink at the Heathrow Hilton.

Philip was working for Concentra, one of the larger publishing companies in Belgium.

Concentra was in the newspaper business, but they were dabbbling in local cable TV. Philip had heard my speak in Barcelona a few years before, and had grown enamored with the VJ concept.  After the drink and dinner he invited me to come to Belgium and to work with Concentra.

The stations (there are now four), built entirely on the VJ model, are today the most profitable part of the Concentra Media Group.

The company was so taken with the concept, that the following year, they started offering a prize for the best VJ work – first in Europe, but starting last year, anywhere in the world.

Today, with the dollar where it is, and the Euro where it is, the prize for 2009 is currently worth $15,000 (plus an all expense paid trip to Brussels for the awards ceremony, March 5th).

I invite anyone in the VJ business to submit their work.

Here’s the info

Looking forward to seeing your submissions.  And maybe seeing you  in Brussels in March as well.


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