Jay Russell used to be a South Carolina State Trooper.

Then he took the Travel Channel Academy video course, and it changed his life.

Now, we’re pitching him as a series for cable.

He’s Supernanny…. for kids on drugs.

It’s something he’s done all this life.

Does this remind you of “In The Heat Of The Night”.

When Jay was a State Trooper, he was the kind of guy who made you crap in your pants when he pulled you over.

Now, we’re betting he can pull in a big audience on cable.


4 responses to “Busted!

  1. Southern eloquence, can anyone ever get enough?

    I do believe Mr. Russell would knock you in the middle of next week lookin’ both ways for Sunday if’n any of you’ns mess with his dog.

  2. I liked the first piece on Jay Russell as well and I think there’s an audience for it.

    My first impression after viewing this piece is that it needs to be between 60 and 90 seconds. Not 2.24.

    A shorter piece will give it the impact that you want.

  3. Jay being a S.C. State Trooper… TRUE…. years spent being a State Trooper… NOT MANY…why might you ask…. ask him. Dogs that he trains… NEGATIVE…. i’ve seen better!!! With the right to speak my mind…i would like to say that he is a short bald head corrupted person. Southern Fried Sting was a… how you say.. crap show!!

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