Travel Channel Academy – DC


Now… more than ever

Yesterday we wrapped up the bootcamp for the staff of The Travel Channel and this morning we are starting another Travel Channel Academy here in DC at Travel Media HQ.

As the economy comes under increasing pressure, ironically, the demand for high quality, low cost video only increases.

If you can create quality product with only a laptop and a small digital video camera, there is a growing demand for that skill.  And certainly here at The Travel Channel, where the growing online video demand can only be met by world travellers with video camera and laptop.

Good as the relationship with Travel Channel is, (and its a great nurturing opportunity for recent grads), more and more of our students are actually people with their own businesses or who work for businesses that are putting more and more video online.

Those companies used to hire conventional crews, but now they want to move that capability in house. Cuts costs and gives a much greater measure of control.

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to learn.

As we like to say here, we have taken the first year of NYU Film School and squashed it down to four days.

It’s pretty intensive, but it’s pretty amazing too.


3 responses to “Travel Channel Academy – DC

  1. Already applying much of what I’ve gleaned from your course materials.

    I just finished shooting a project for a division of the city government where I live. The project covers urban sprawl and how they are using infill to develop dense housing areas that are aesthetically pleasing, yet low impact on the environment. First rough edit has their department excited about what can be done using the skills I’ve learned working as a solovj.

    In addition, just learned this morning they want to distribute to the local news stations to broadcast.

    Thanks again Michael for thinking outside the box!!!

  2. Well done Cliff!

    I’m hoping this put some $ in your pocket!


  3. Interesting. Camps like these will eventually put people like me out of business.

    For some reason I find that very comforting. I believe it will finally force newsrooms to quit thinking about being first and begin putting a better product out.

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