Travel Channel Academy Results

Jeff Day had never touched a video camera or an edit system before he walked into the Travel Channel Academy course in DC on Thursday.

We put him through our extremely rigorous 4-day video bootcamp.

We emphasize excellence.

The video above is the first video Jeff Day has ever made.

Pretty impressive.

And Jeff Day is no kid. He’s in his 50s.

But not all that unusual for TCA students.

The technology has made it possible for millions of people who had never touched a video camera or an edit system to learn how to do this quickly and efficiently.  And the quality of the small, digital hand held cameras (we use SONYs), is just astonishing. You can see it for yourself.

The Travel Channel is committed to creating a global corps of 1,000 trained and certified content providers.

We’re partners in this very interesting venture.

Soon Travel Channel will have a vast cohort of content producers all over the world who can begin to create content for the channel to sell not just programs for the channel itself, but also content for Travel Channel Media’s vast demand for online and on phone (!) video content.

So great job Jeff.

Keep at it.

And congrats to all the grads from this week. And we’re looking forward to our New York session next week.

See what YOU can do.

2 responses to “Travel Channel Academy Results

  1. That’s a well shot voice over.

    It would have been nice to hear from the guy in the video.

    But I agree with you!

    This was a very pretty story and well done for a first effort.

    If it really was the very first time he’s ever done this. 😉

  2. Yeah.
    A sound bite would have helped, but yes, his very first time. The guy’s got a great eye. But the technology also helps. Everythings on auto and the camera only costs $850 and its HD. Also FCP is so easy to use. The lenses are crap but the depth of field goes from macro to infinity in wide. Really just point and push the button.

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