Ski & Shoot


Could you go back and do that again?

I didn’t learn to ski until I was 40.

My ex was a Canadian, and started skiing at the age of 3.

Her parents had a ski house in Sugarbush, Vermont.

I spent unpleasant hour after hour on the bunny slope, learning how to ski.

When you are 3 you have no fear of death. When you are 40, you can only see yourself wrapped around a tree.

Private lessons, goup lessons, frostbite.  After four hard years, I was finally starting to get it. Then, in one triumphant afternoon, I made it down my first black diamond run!  Success!  I was so delighted, I found my ex and told her what I had just done.  I black diamond!

“Which one?” she asked me.

I told her the name.

She paused.

“Oh”, she said. “That used to be a blue. It’s not really a black”.

You can see why I filed for divorce.

Thus, it was with some trepedation that we signed a deal with Vail Resorts to start running Travel Channel Academies in conjunction with ski vacations.

Now, I am glad we did.

March 7-10 we’re going to be running our first Snow Video Bootcamp at the world famous Keystone Resort in Vail Colorado.

This will be great. What better combination than skiing and video making. And evenings around the fire for our famous group screenings.

This is only the first in series of new locations and franchises for the Academy. We’ll be posting lots of other exciting partnerships and locations as we take TCA into the world.

Meanwhile, I had a pair of custom fitted ski boots made a few years ago. The kind where the blow foam into the boot and shape it for your own foot.  Unfortunately, I left these at the Sugarbush ski house.

If anyone runs across my ex, maybe you could ask her for the boots?

2 responses to “Ski & Shoot

  1. It is so inspiring to see someone start skiing in the 40s. I am 26 years old and I am starting my first skiing adventure!

    Wish me luck!

  2. Too bad you didn’t learn to ski at Sugurbush .

    You must have pissed on the toilet or forgot to lift it up.

    The bitches compline when you leave the seat up.

    They fall into the toilet

    Just piss-on it the next time.

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