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The Coming Disaster


…where to now?…

On May 31, 1911, the Titanic left the Belfast shipyards with state- of -the-art technology. Continue reading


Youtube -1320 AD


“see what else is on…”

For most of our existence, we have lived in a world without images.

We are today so inundated by them, from TV to movies to magazines to billboards that we forget that all this happened only yesterday. Continue reading



…”and when we come back, sports and weather…”

In 1979, Iranian militants took the US Embassy hostage.

They would hold it for 444 days. Continue reading

Banana Republic

chiquita_banana.jpg it’s oil….then it was bananas….

We live in a world in which our perception of events is informed almost exclusively by television. Continue reading

Where Are We Going?


“….are we there yet?…..”

In the first half of the 20th Century, we had an economy that was based on manufacturing stuff. That is, the bulk of the economy was based on making physical, tangible things, like bricks, or steel, or cars or bread for that matter. Even newspapers were tangible, physical things that had to be manufactured. Continue reading

What’s Your Trip…..

Guy Bauer’s video submission on his trip to Ireland made it into the pilot for What’s Your Trip with Anthony Bourdain. But I also loved Bauer’s travel video to Poland.

The home page for the show is finally up as well. Check it out at

Check it out.

KGTV VJs – How Does it Work?

KGTV tells their story better than I could

Here is a look at how VJs work in local news.

It is produced by KGTV, where we will be next month to do another round of training.

Ed Quinn brought the project to KGTV and has been a big supporters. Derek Dalton is the GM and has backed this 100 percent, and Gary Brown the ND has done a stellar job of implementation.

When we started, Dalton said that at KGTV they would do it ‘their way’.

I was skeptical.

I was wrong.

I think it speaks for itself.

And it speaks well.